Cynosure Capital Management

Sustaining Wealth for Future Generations

Who We Are

Cynosure Capital Management is a Multi-Family Office (MFO) that assist generations of Ultra-High-Net-Worth individuals (UHNI) in Southeast Asia manage their family (personal) and business needs.

Our clients are families and individuals who understand the importance of skilled management when it comes to their lifelong assets.

Cynosure Capital Management assists them in keeping watch over their assets, but does so with integrity, complete transparency, and balance.

The financial climate in Southeast Asia is unique, and requires specialised skills to navigate.

Cynosure Capital Managementis tenacious in serving families.

Our Values

Cynosure Capital upholds certain core values to this day:

1. Balance

Maintaining a portfolio is about much more than numbers and spread sheets; especially where a family is concerned. We help to balance the hard, numbers-based aspects with less tangible affairs such as relationship management, and harmony within our clients’ families. No matter the problems affecting a client’s portfolio, we do everything in our power to provide an effective solution that suits their needs.

2. Truth

Without a complete picture of your portfolio, it’s impossible to decide on your next best move. Through complete, unfiltered transparency, we help you gather all the information you need to assess your situation. We aim to give you all the facts, all the data, every time a client prepares to make a big decision.

3. Integrity

Without a solid moral foundation, our firm would not be what it is today. From day one, we’ve worked hard to ensure that a strong moral compass directs everyone in our firm. It’s this ‘morals-first approach’ that encourages clients to trust our judgement and know that we have their best interests at heart.

Our Beliefs

Restoration of wealth

Over the years, it’s natural that a family’s wealth, improperly attended, will slowly depreciate. We firmly believe that through our partnership, Hesed Capital has the power to restore your losses through careful management, shrewd decision-making, and complete transparency.


Cynosure Capital Management cognizant of the fact that we’re stewards of your family’s wealth. This isn’t a charge we take lightly. We remain forever mindful of the great responsibility you’ve entrusted us with, and take great pains to ensure that your wealth is managed in line with your goals.

Sensitivity to cultural differences

Our values, our staff, and our methods originate from our relationship with Lord Jesus Christ. However, this is not a belief that we force upon our clients or that we expect others to reciprocate. Your beliefs are your own; we will never take action or make comments that infringe upon them.


Work with us, and you’re giving us a chance to make an impact in your life and business. We believe in the transformative nature of our partnership, and we are ever faithful to a singular cause— protecting our clients and their wealth from catastrophe.


Taxation and Regulatory

  • Compliance and regulatory assistance
  • Business and Financial Strategies
  • Accountancy Services
  • Sector Diversification Planning
  • Business Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Litigation Support
  • In- house counsel support


  • Life-management and budgeting
  • Co-ordination of Generational Education with External Specialised Advisors
  • Generational Wealth Administration
  • Mergers and Acquisitions / divestments for Families
  • Purchasing of Assets/ Fixtures

Internal Audit/ Investigations

  • Financial investigations and forensics
  • Internal restructuring and tax matters

Residential/ Permanent Residencies

  • Permanent Residency in Singapore
  • Citizenship in Singapore
  • Citizenship in Malaysia


  • Bridging Businesses with Government Divisions
  • Advocate relationship between Private and Public Sector.

Starting up

  • Incorporation of New Entities for Operations
  • Banking Relationships


  • Funding and Fund Raising collectively
  • Syndicated Financing

Case Studies

We’ve been blessed to work with a wide range of families, helping each to reap great rewards through careful considerations. Each family requires a unique approach, and we’ve developed a diverse range of services to accommodate their specific needs. We’re proud to offer these services to ultra-high-net-worth individuals across Southeast Asia. Which of the following most applies to you and your family?

Case Study 1


Miss Client Y, a citizen of X-Land is face to face with a tax audit that she shouldn’t legally be eligible for. As a non-resident (she resides outside of X-land for 200+ days each year), the country should not be able to audit her. Further, She has also invested heavily in other investments out oF her citizenship country.

She’s Finding the legal language and Taxation Framework impossible to navigate, especially From overseas.

Miss Client Y joined the Cynosure Capital Management family in 2014. We provided legal, taxation, and personal auditing support; helping her navigate complicated legal processes and protect her wealth.

Case Study 2


Our Client DR. P recently brought- his company public and had a realised his portfolio.

In his country, where taxes are in the range of 45%-55% (state taxes), he was looking to reduce his taxation and liabilities as he had a huge windfall.

Prior to receiving the windfall, we arranged for a private trust and a private arrangement for DR. P to successfully reduce his taxes to 5%. DR. P was also granted citizenship in the Republic of Singapore through our representations.

DR. P is still client with us and constantly invests in some of our clients, returning a healthy range of 10% per annum.

Our Clients

An Accredited Investor and has knowledge of markets, public investments, bonds and/ or security notes.

Is interested in preserving capital and increasing the AUM over a medium to long term.

Would like to have interest in ensuring prolonged available wealth.

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